July 13, 2016

Our Last Raya at Perantauan

Salam and Hello everyone! How's your Raya

Before my Raya mood gone far far away, I wanna share our Hari Raya celebration in here although it is not so cool like yours. Deep inside me, I really missed celebrating Hari Raya in Malaysia. In Sweden, we only have 'Raya Pertama' term. There's no Raya kedua, ketiga, ketujuh or Raya sebulan and 'open house'. Sobs..sobs..sobs..

It is so nice to see everyone posted (I'm still scrolling and likes your Raya photos through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..) family photos, #OOTD on 1st day of Syawal...Day 2 Raya..3rd day Aidilfitri..and so on.. visiting relatives and friends, and those delicious Raya foodiessss. Seriously, you guys making me jealous and craving for one.

By the way, it is our second year and perhaps the last time celebrating Eid al-Fitr abroad. Nothing much about our Raya stories this year because we're celebrated it in Uppsala... again. On the other story, Stockholm have celebrated Raya one day earlier (Tuesday, 5 July, 2016) from us in Uppsala (Wednesday, 6 July, 2016). This is something new for me, as in one country can have two different date of Raya celebration. Konpius kejap...

Anyway, excuse me for spamming with our last Raya photos taken in Uppsala..... Enjoy!

Family photo.. Five of us..still..
(masih belum ada unsur-unsur penambahan ahli ye..hehe)
Raya theme for 2016 was Orange & Raspberry Pink

Doakan perjuangan tahun akhir kami di sini. InshaAllah we are going back home end of the year.

Anak bujang dah mula pandai ber'posing.

Wore Aleefa Jubah by Bella Ammara. Simple, perfect cutting and length. Loved it. 
Besides, it is wudhuk friendly and nursing friendly.

Terlebih labuh pulak dress ni untuk Auni, so maybe later we sent it for alteration.

No baju kurung this year, girl. 
I got Alya a Scallop Jubah Dress from Poplook.
We're lucky because our parcel from Malaysia arrived here before Raya.

Shahar and Adel wore baju Raya recycled from two years ago. 
Nasib baik muat lagi tapi sudah menunjukkan tanda-tanda bakal senteng tidak lama lagi.

Mini ME!
Do you think this mommy and daughter look alike?

This year we're celebrated Hari Raya together with another three families at Mat and Mimi's new house at Smålandvägen. Tahun ni Raya agak kurang meriah macam last year sebab ramai yang balik beraya di Malaysia..selain takde geng orang Patani beraya sekali dan orang Stockholm pulak dah beraya satu hari sebelum kami...so, tinggal kami empat family je la di Uppsala

On the first day of Hari Raya, we took a bus and went to Mat and Mimi's house. We arrived around 9 in the morning and had our Raya prayer lead by Mat. The khutbah Raya was about the quality of our worship (Ibadah) and some advice on how to increase the mercy (belas kasihan) and forgiveness from Allah SWT upon us. We should build a good relationship with people..(menghormat orangbercakap dengan menggunakan perkataan yang baik-baik, banyakkan sedekah)He also reminded us that this world will be end soon, so we should not prioritize dunya over akhirah. Keep praying sincerely to Allah SWT, give the best, make zikr, selawat and du'a.

After done with our prayer, it is time to enjoy the foods. We already planned to have Raya potluck, where each of family will contributes a dish of food that to be shared. Thank God I still have one last big pack of six cubes nasi impit to cook and served with kuah kacang and my very first trial of making rendang daging*winks*

Lemang ada OKAY, walaupun tak bakar dalam buluh

Kids' favorite made by Auntie Siti.
Kuih raya takde..okay..

Makan time! *thumbs up*

Girl's team..
Hanya kami bertiga (tak termasuk tuan rumah) beraya di Uppsala tahun ni.

Boy's team..
Tahun depan tiga-tiga mungkin tak beraya di Uppsala lagi.

Raya photo with Mrs. Ambassador, family and staffs Embassy of Malaysia in Stockholm.
We'olls tak dapat nak join beraya di Rumah Malaysia pada hari Selasa (5 Julai), sebab we'olls sambut lambat sehari dan masih berpuasa pada hari tu. 

And that's the end of our Eid al-Fitr for this year in Uppsala, Sweden........ (lepas ni nak beraya ala-ala perantauan di negara mana pulak..hihi..)

So with this opportunity, I would like to wish all Muslims around the world Happy Eid Mubarak! I hope u'olls have a very happy and blessed Raya with your loved ones. May these Raya memories will be the precious ones for you. 

To those who start six days fasting of Syawal, Happy Fasting guys!

Abu Ayyub (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
       "Whoever fasts Ramadan and follows it with six days of Syawal, it will be as if he fasted for a                       lifetime."
                     ~ Narrated by Muslim, Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi, And-Nasa'i and Ibn Majah

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