April 05, 2010

I need this.. I want that..

I have been really desperate for this. I am going to get my most-wanted gadgets at least one from this three. Of course, my most priority is Sony VAIO laptop. Apparently, I have been using Shahar's laptop. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable to spend so much time using it because Shahar wanna use it too. Kesian plak kat dia. Nasib baik ada laptop office dia. Thanks to my lovely hubby for his understanding of his wife needs and wants. 

Pinky Sony VAIO laptop..

My second need vs want is one of this handphone to replace my current Sony Ericsson K770i handphone. Macam best kan kalau dapat salah satu ni..

BlackBerry vs iPhone

My current Canon PowerShot camera always makes me feel fed-up with battery problem whenever I tried to use it. So kalau dapat Canon DSLR camera ni hari-hari la aku snap picture..

Canon DSLR camera..


  1. great whishlist..
    hope ur hubby read this entry


  2. hope so.. mana tau on my birthday nx month i will have one of this wish gadgets as a present.. hehe.. :P