May 24, 2009

Hair Nightmares

I'm sick of it... 

My hair was long, and I didn't have time to manage it properly recently. So, I finally decided to have a hair cut as soon as possible. I do believe that I really need to have an easy, manageable style after my next little ones comes along because I will be the most busy mommy on handling three little kids soon.

It has been more than five years I never cut my hair. Could you imagine how long it be? Now, I am thinking to go with short haircut. What do you think??


Which one look nice?

I would bring Auni too..her first hair cut as her hair has long enough for me. It get me tired to get ready her for school every morning.

Actually. rasa sayang plak nak potong rambut ni.. uwaaaa... I hope I won't regret it.

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