June 25, 2009

MGTT again

An easy, non-invasive way to monitor for the first signs of gestational diabetes among pregnant women is by testing urine at every antenatal visit to trace of protein and sugar. Since my urine still shown abnormal on my last visit, I was advised to do the Modified Glucose Tolerance Test (MGTT) again.

Yesterday, I can't say it is a good day for me. I had a long day at the clinic to have my MGTT done. This is my third times doing this test. I need to fast from 10 p.m the night before and took the fasting blood sugar the next morning. Then they had me to drink an orange sugary drink. It tasted so damn sweet. Yuckss... Luckily, I'm doing so well with it.

After 2 hours, I need to some back and take another blood sample. Within that 2 hours.. I can't eat anything or have any sweet drink.. only plain water. Seksanya....... Just because it is for my precious little ones.. i'll do it anything.

The result...???

.......4.56 mmol/l for fasting and 5.30 mmol/l for 2 hours post pranial. Yay.. it's normal.

Read more about this disorder in this article: Understanding Gestational Diabetes.

Everything else looks normal as usual. My current weight is 57 kg. Increasing 1 kg from last 2 weeks. Ermmm..not so bad huh...

My gynae have advised me to get some good rest and I may start preparing for my baby stuffs. All the procedure finished at 1 p.m and I was badly need something heavy to eat that time. My little ones keeps kicking me from inside.. thump..thump..thump.. and my hands is shaking when i had my lunch.

Hopefully I won't go through this test again. Pleaseeeeeeee... :(

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