August 10, 2009

Day 1 : Trip to Kuching

Last month (3 July till 6 July 2009), my family and I went to Kuching for our family holiday trip. The trip is under Malaysia Airlines Golden Holidays.. so everything from our return flights, airport transfer and hotel was confirmed. My last trip to kuching was about five years ago when I was pregnant to Auni and again this time I'm pregnant too.. hehe..

Our flight was scheduled on 3rd July at 8.15 a.m. So as early as 4 in the morning, I have to wake up because I still have not finished packing our luggage. I am little bit rush to get everything ready and well packed. And also our most important documents that I should bring together.. our ticketssss! 

My two little girls didn't gave me so much hassle in that morning even though it is too early for them to take a bath.

We arrived at the Putrajaya Sentral just in time and managed to catch the 6.50 a.m ERL train to KLIA.

Auni was so excited with this trip

"Mama... I'm still sleepy.."

Upon arrival at the KLIA, we went straight to check-in counter. We had jumped the queue and got priority to check-in first because we're travelling with small kids together.

Our boarding pass.. very nice sitting number.

Waiting for gate open to board..

I've forgotten to get a letter from my doctor so I had to fill up the release and indemnity form before boarding. We got a chances to be the first ones boarding the plane.

While entering the flight, I just realized that we had an airbus plane for this morning. Our seats were so comfortable with good leg space. According to the friendly cabin crew, the flight is quite empty and it is only about 90 passengers on board. So, we have another free seat for Alya.

Wonderful.. it is a big plane

Actually, I'm little worried about Alya's reaction because this was her first time travel by plane. However she did behaved herself well.

Alya was seated on her daddy's lap during flight take-off..

Busy with her reading..

Auni kept entertained herself coloring her Barbie Coloring Book..

Alya has fallen asleep after awhile flight has take-off..

Shortly after flight take-off, we were served breakfast with the options of nasi lemak with sambal udang + rendang ayam or nasi goreng with satay. All of us choose to pick up nasi lemak. We also had bun, butter, fruits, yogurt drink and my fave choc, Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

We were served on board.. Yummy..

"Kamek naik belon ke Kuching.."

Souvenir from MH2504 (KUL_KCH)

Around 12 noon, we reached Kuching International Airport with smooth landing. Our pick-up airport transfer, CPH Travel Agencies was already there waiting for our arrival. The driver took us to our hotel, Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites Kuching for check-in.

Yeah! finally we arrived in Kuching..

I love flying with Malaysia Airlines..

Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites Kuching is a five star property. Located on the North Western shore of Borneo Island, Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites is in the heart of Kuching fronting the Padang Merdeka. It took us 25 minutes drive to get there from the Kuching International Airport.

505.. our room..

Super king sized bed..enough for four of us.. :)

The interior design of the room is very classical.

While waiting for Shahar back from Solat Jumaat, I've my little nap. With 7 month pregnant, I feel so tired for long distances travel. Both of my kids was busy playing with lights switch and keep jumping on the bed. Adoiyai.. budak-budak ni..

After freshen up a bit, we went out to visit the nearby places and looking for a place to eat since we haven't lunch yet. The first place we went is Sarawak Museum because it is just right besides the hotel. Sarawak Museum is a must visit place while in Kuching. It's open daily from 9 a.m till 4.30 p.m and admission is free.

Then we headed to Indian Street.. just for sightseeing. This is the best place to shop for spices, clothing, textiles, souvenirs and etc. Indian Street is a day mall best visited in day time. Most of the shops there is open till 6pm in the evening.

Indian Street Pedestrian Mall

Kuching Waterfront is the most popular place in Kuching for relaxation. Walking along the waterfront with soft breeze blowing was so good.

View of Kuching Waterfront..

Sarawak River Cruise.. boarding here..

Girls was so tired..

We decided went back to our hotel since both of our little girls was too sleepy and really need a nap. So we just bought KFC at Riverside Kuching Shopping Mall. Then we took a taxi and it cost us RM10. It's pretty expensive if you ask me. Moreover the journey took only 5-10 minutes. 

Day 2, to be continued ...

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