September 27, 2011

Birthday Wishes to Mr. S

I love birthdays. I love the idea of celebrating one person, once a year. I love to see a smile on birthday girl or boy's face. 

27 September...

Today is my man's birthday. So I just wanted to take a little time and dedicate this special post to him. I hope he read this.

If anyone deserves a fantastic day, it's HIM! He's the most kind and generous person I ever know and really the best husband in the world. I do admit that and I have been so lucky to have him for entire of life. I love you, b. May all your wishes / dreams come true and God bless you always. 

XOXO... ^_^


  1. apa special birthday present for hubby? misti menarik..

  2. takde present ag utk dia ar.. no idea.. any suggestion?
    tp yg lawaknya kita yg dpt present dr dia.. hehe.. org lain punya besday org lain yg dpt hadiah.. :P