August 03, 2012

Lost World of Tambun.. Water splash again..

Hey Lovelies.. 

Time flies so fast, and we're in the middle of Ramadan today. How's your 'puasa' going so far? Hope everyone is fine and this month will passing smoothly. Insyaallah.. :)

The other day, we got a chance to go back to Kedah, celebrating first Ramadan with our family. It's been quite long time we not going back. I'm very excited going back to 'kampung', but something had driven me crazy. The weather in Kedah was SO HOT! MasyaAllah, dugaan di bulan puasa. I feel like wanna play splish-splashing inside the 'kolah' at my dad's house or stay under the shower for hours in daytime. Macam budak kecik baru belajar puasa la plak..

Talking about splish splashing, early this year on February (during long Chinese New Year holiday), we managed to bring our kids to Lost World of Tambun for some water splash as planned. Tadaa.. we're here again! The last time we went here was two years ago (as previous entry). It's nice to see that this park still very well maintained. Tak ralat la sangat kalau bayar mahal sikit.

The Lost World of Tambun is the second water @ theme park in Malaysia run by the Sunway Group, the same company who operate Sunway Lagoon. This park has shown the same high standards and professional look as Sunway Lagoon. The 60 million Ringgit water theme park is located in the historic town of Ipoh, Sunway City Ipoh. It is ideally situated between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Very strategic for business ya.

We arrived there around 12'ish afternoon. By that time, it seemed that several thousand other families had the same idea like us as the car park was nearly full. That's not sound surprisingly because it was public holiday. Wrong timing.. *slap forehead*.. Take note: the parking charged is RM1. :)

This operating hours might help you to plan your trip to this Lost World of Tambun

Monday - Friday : 11 a.m till 6 p.m
Saturday - Sunday : 10 a.m till 6 p.m
School Holidays / Public Holidays : 10 a.m till 6 p.m

*Park CLOSED every Tuesday (except School & Public Holidays)*

Admission Rate and Operational Hour

The admission rate to this Lost World of Tambun had increased from my last visit. Below is the latest park rates which includes a wrist band that entitling you to unlimited rides.

Adults: RM 45 
Children (below 12): RM 38 
Seniors (age 55+): RM 38 
Kids below 90cm: Absolutely FREE! 

*Group packages is available with minimum of 30 persons. Advance booking is required.*

Long queue to buy tickets as it is CNY holidays

What a brilliant idea!! The Lost World of Tambun has deployed an RFID-based payment system based on waterproof wristband in order to keep our wallets and purses out of danger. This RFID wristband has been introduced to adventure-goers for easy-access to all facilities in the theme park including F&B outlets. For each wristband we had to pay RM10 as deposit which is refunded when we return it.

They're using RFID wristband rather than paper tickets.

Nestled among lush greenery and limestone hills, the Lost World of Tambun has a host of exciting activities and the usual attractions definitely their water theme park.

Water Park
Tube Raiders
Kid’s Explorabay
Adventure River

Kids can't wait to get wet and having their great fun-time playing with the water, so do I. We were having so much fun until we forgot to have our lunch. We had our lunch around 5 p.m at the F&B outlets near Kid’s Explorabay which selling variety of food. Food was not bad, especially 'Mee Goreng Mamak' (boleh tahan sedap, habis licin budak-budak ni makan) and we're using our wristbands to pay for the food.

Kids spent the first hour splish splashing at the water park.
Quite challenging to handle three lil' toddler in a pool especially my small hero. 
Our handsome bodyguard for the day.
The management organized 'Lion Dance Show' in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration as entertainment.

Terpaksa beli sorang satu takut berebut nanti budak-budak ni.
Tube Rental RM 12 plus RM 10 refundable deposit.
Dah pengsan akibat kepenatan yang amat sangat.

After spending more than 4 hours at the park, we decided to leave. By that time, everyone already felt tired and sleepy. Around 7.30 p.m, we headed back to KL after having some light dinner at nearby PappaRich Overall we had a pleasant day even though we missed out the 'Tiger Feeding Show' and a visit to Petting Zoo. Not have to worry about it because we will pay a visit at another time. Peace!

We will come back again.. :)

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