June 14, 2009


Believe or not?? Just believe it..

Okay..okay.. I'm not an army or what. Baju pinjam je tu. Actually, during courses that I have attended the other day, we're played a paintball game. Pregnant mommy and paintball game? I must be kidding right?

Before the games with my team. 

Mommy and baby inside the belly..


Ready for the games

Hilarious and fun. This is my first time playing paintball games. I was scared and don't get out from my hiding place. Risau jugak kot-kot kena attack on my belly. Mau pening baby kat dalam nie. Hehe.. However i still got shot at both of my legs. Huh.. It's so painful and the bruises last more than a week. FYI, I got a very big bruises on my both drumsticks... blue.red.purple.green and etc..macam-macam warna ada.

Btw, if I get another chance playing this games, I won't miss it. I love the adventures and challenges of the games. Teruja sungguh. 

Don't underestimate girl's power ya........ 


  1. ohh!!this is so cool!! i like to try this for like an agess!!but never have time to do it...huhu

  2. it is so fun and u shud try it.... :)