June 07, 2009

Is It a BOY or a GIRL ?!

My little ones inside my belly is getting bigger each day and it makes me starting to guess the sex of my baby. Is it a boy or a girl?! Ermm.. actually I feel totally difference compared to the previous pregnancy experiences. Harap2 betul la firasat ibu mengandung.. hehe.. 

I have done the ultrasound scan on my antenatal check-up last month. The doctor explained everything to me all the away from my bladder all the way down to my babies toes! When the doctor reveal the sex of my baby, I feel so surprised. However, I still not 100% confident with it. Is it true?? I have plan to do the 3D or 4D scan later on. Let's wait and see what is the result could be.

Boy or Girl?

What am I having now?

David or Victoria Beckham?? 


  1. bolat je. lelaki kot.hahaha...mari kita tunggu dan lihat...betul tak firasat org tak bertauliah ini.hehe

  2. tu la pasal.. bulat semacam je kan.. jeng..jeng..jeng.. tungguuuuuuu!! :P