July 12, 2009

Mommy's Wish List

I do have a few things that I wish to have for my new coming little ones. So here goes the list..

Hotslings Baby Slings

I really want this !!

I've found out that this baby sling more comfortable and convenient to the active parent like me. And it is completely hassle-free without any straps, buckles, rings or adjusting to worry about. Before this I've been using baby carrier while going out or do shopping. I feel not so comfortable because it is too big for newborn baby.

Doesn't it look nice with colorful print? 

Avent Isis Breast Pump On the Go Set

Since I've been working from 8 a.m till 5 p.m, I need to have this breast pump set in order to prepare for my baby milk stock while I'm not around. The one that I've is not very practical and it hurt me a lot. I did tried traditionally but not very successful. Hopefully it would help me and I could manage to breastfeed my baby exclusively up to more than a year.

Lightweight and compact stroller

I'm in love with this because the one that I having now is quite big and heavy.

Anyone wanna buy it for me as a gift?? 

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