July 19, 2009

Q-dees Annual Sport Day

Last Sunday, Q-dees had their annual sport day which held at UNITEN. So we had to wake up so early in the weekend to get ready for this event. Luckily, the venue is just nearby from our home and we arrived there just in time. Both of my kids still looked sleppy. Kesian pulak tengok..

Registration starts from 8.30 till 9 a.m. Upon registration, we hand over Auni to her teacher to take her place with her other friends while us went finding a good seat to cheer our princess. This is her first time participation in sport day.

Registration counter

The events started around 9.30 a.m with welcoming message followed by opening ceremony - march pass from all five Q-dees center kids, singing Negaraku, Q-dees song and Fliptech Song, bacaan doa (this kids is so funny because I just heard the beginning and the ending of the du'a.. :P ), student pledge in Bahasa Melayu, English and Mandarin.

Then it comes to the most interesting activities - cheer-leading performances. Auni looked very excited in her performances because she loves to dance. Btw, I think kids from Bandar Baru Bangi Section 3 center did the best performances. Ala-ala High School Musical la..

I'm Putrajaya Q-dees kids

Mommy & girls

Auni and friends.. Peace!

Auni & Alissa

Auni did so well in Tiger Wood Junior games. She's so cool and steady while rolled the ball with stick across the zig-zag cones. That's my girl! Auni also takes part in Duckling Returns and Bubbly eats Jelly games. Eventho Putrajaya centre didn't came as a winner, Auni did enjoyed and having so much fun playing the games.

The activities for dads and moms has been canceled due to short of times. Nevermind, maybe next year.

We're wearing RED clothes as per request by Principal Hana, in showing our support to Putrajaya Centre

We didn't wait until the events ended. We left right after Auni has her trophy and headed to JM briani at Bangi to had our very late lunch. Ermm.. I'm so hungry and craving to eat. My baby inside keeps moving actively. Ya ya mommy know you wants to eat too..sorry baby. 

See..what I've got!

Dear parents,

If you're planning to send off your kids to kindergarden and still looking for the one, currently Q-dees is opening for registration intake 2010. FYI, Q-dees are providing early childhood education services and have served more than 200 children thus far from age 3 to 6 years old. The fees maybe quite expensive but it worth for it.


  1. Salam dear,

    Your daughter went to Qdees Putrajaya is it? The 1 at Precint Diplomatic?

    How was the center? I'm planning to send my daughter there too so would you mind sharing your experience?

    Thanks dear =)

  2. Wslm dear,

    Yes, I did sent both of my daughter to Q-dess Putrajaya. So far, both of them can read very well in Malay/English, speedy in calculation. They really enjoyed their time at school and they've school trip too. All teachers are nice, friendly, not 'garang'.. Hehe..

    How old are your daughter?