July 23, 2009

I am Super Pregnant

It hard to believe that I'm already in final trimester of pregnancy. 40 days from now I'm going to be 40 weeks pregnant. This means that I will be holding my new little baby in my arms in a few short months. Ermm.. time flies so fast huh..

Right now, everything is getting hard for me. With the tremendous increasing weight, I feel so frumpy and clumsy. I feel so huge, exhausted and uncomfortable in just doing anything. I've difficulty in moving around, walking (40 km per hour.. ermm dah macam rupa penguin jer), standing, sitting or even bending to pick things up. My peaceful sleep at night day has gone due to baby's moving/kicking or urge to urinate. Lately I'm starting to have more back pain. Ouchh.. This all discomfort and tiresome makes me wish that my baby would come asap and get this pregnancy over.

Everyone that I met keep asking when I'm going to be explode and there is no where to hide. How could I possibly hide with a belly the size of Mount Everest?

Mommy is 34 weeks pregnant

Look!! How big mommy rite now..

At this moment, I haven't done anything yet in welcoming my little precious one. I really need to get everything done by this weekend, so that I can simply sit back and await for the final moment. I've to wash all the baby clothes and napkins, figure out what to pack in my hospital and baby bag and also tidy up the messy room. Huh.. there is a lots of job and of course I do need hands to do it all done.


  1. slm elziera..tq for the wishes..semoga selamat deliver ur little precious nnti..aminn..

    nurul- precious parcel

  2. u look fabulous mommy...tq for dropping by.

  3. Thanks nurul.. Hopefully everything will be fine.. Insyaallah..

  4. Did I look fabulous mommy?? Wow.. Tq vv much Cikayu.. :)