March 09, 2010

Family Outing @ Bagan Lalang

Have you been to Bagan Lalang? For me, this is the first time I have been there. I had no idea where this place before until my sister, As has told me about it as we planned to go there together on one of our past public holidays. This coastal beach situated at Sepang takes about 30 minutes drive away from Putrajaya. It is a great place to relax while having some activity with your family or friends.

Let's serve you with some pictures taken on that day.

After having our lunch, kids enjoy playing at the playground.

Alya still in learning process how to swing on this.

Little help from her daddy.

Adel and Mommy in RED..

"Come give me a kiss baby.." :P

Playing kite seems to be the best thing to do there.

Mastering how to fly a kite. Auni quite excited with it.

"Sapa yang main nie? Anaknya ke ayahnya?.. "

"Ok now I know how to handle it."

Si mata sepet, Mr. Adel..

We left Bagan Lalang beach around 8pm plus after we had our big dinner together at one of the restaurant there. Thanks a lot to my sister, As and her lovely husband for 'belanja' us for that day. :P


  1. interesting activity!

    kita tak sampai lagi kat situ..

  2. maria: sila-sila..

    CiKaYu: nmpk jer slim.. tp still ada part yg nak kena postmortem ag nie... hehe.. :P