March 04, 2010

Shhhh... Baby is Sleeping

Shhhh... This sleeping handsome lil' boy is trying to get some shut eye. Here's a few of my adorable baby, Adel snoozing pictures since he was born till today (6 month).

The first hour after birth.. 

Adel on his 2nd day of life..

Adel @ first week.


One month old..

Two month old..

Three month old..

3+ month old..

4 month old..

4+ month old..

5 month old..


5 month old..

And apparently, this is Adel's most favorite style of sleeping.. 
tidur meniarap + menonggeng (sometimes)"

6 month old..

Truthfully, being a mom is the greatest blessing God gave to me. The joys of motherhood are never full experienced until the baby is in bed. 


  1. i jadi ngantuk tgk dia cute

  2. dia nie jenis senang tido.. xpayah nak dodoi.. :P