January 10, 2010

Splish Splash at Lost World of Tambun

During our trip back to KL last month. we dropped by at Ipoh. We decided to take our kids to Lost World of Tambun for some splish splash as Shahar has make some promises to them earlier. 

The Lost World of Tambun is located in the town of Ipoh, ideally situated between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. The RM60 million water theme park is the biggest park there is in Malaysia. It is the second water @ theme park in Malaysia it below the Sunway company. Nestled among lush greenery and limestone hills, the Lost World has a host of exciting activities to keep you coming back for more.

Park entry rate.. The rate had increased from the last time of my visit.

** Group packages (minimum 30 persons) is available where advance booking is required.

Dressing code.. Please wear appropriate dress..

Free entry for Alya as her height is still below the 90cm. And for Adel as well..

The operating hours..

** The CLOSED every Tuesday except during school and public holidays.

Girls was so excited and can't wait to jump into the water..

Little Beach Model..

It's still early and the park was not so crowded yet..

With the map, you will not get lost at Lost World of Tambun..

We opted seating with changing rooms and toilet nearby..

Renting for a tube. (I forgot how much its will cost you..)

Tambun Hot Springs..
Rest, rejuvenate and soak yourself in the warm pools fed by 100 percent natural spring water..

Explorebay.. Kids will love this section..

The kids area zone with water curtains, fountains, tipping mine buckets and shoot down super slides!. It's specially designed for them..

The adventures of Tube Raiders..

If you're not afraid wiz dizzying height you may try on Cliff Racer..

Well trained lifeguard at every attraction in case of an emergency cases..

My kids can't wait to get wet and having their great fun-time playing with the water. I just keep my eyes on them from the seating nearby while waiting for their daddy get changed. 

Kesejukkan sudah..

Cruise on floats wiz daddy.

While both of my little girls have their fun playing with water, Adel and I just 'lepak-ing' at the bench. I don't feel to get wet for the day since Adel still small to get into the pool too..

Lepaking with mommy..

After spending almost 4 hours at the park, we decided to leave. By that time, Alya was getting sleepy and being little bit cranky when I about to change her wet swimsuits. 

Time to go home..

Thank you.. Please come again.. Yes, we will..


  1. never been there yet....cam menarik je kan.

  2. seronok nya u all bercuti2

    yes..really jeles

  3. cik ayu.. try ar g sana.. so far not bad ar.. :P

    maria.. jeles ke? mmg nk bg jeles pun.. nie pun ada 2-3 trip ag dlm planning.. :P

  4. tak pernah g here... beshnya..

  5. try ar gi.. dh gi bru tau best ke x? :P