December 28, 2009

The 'Botak' Boy

At last I got chances to had my new baby, Adel's head shaved. Adel was about three months old on that day. As usual I asked the expert person, Tok Manis to do it. Although she already over than 80's ( I guess), she is still strong and healthy. She's the one who shaving my other two lil' girl. I'm very impressed saw her hand playing on Adel's head. With a flash Adel's head was totally bald even though Adel was being so aggressive kicking her. 

Before Adel totally loss all his hair..

The well experience 'bidan kampung', Tok Manis.

Well wrapped.. Help! 

The stuffs.. beras kunyit, limau kasturi, sintok, sirih, pinang, kapur..

Just wondering what she did..?

"Tok nak cukur rambut saya ke? Cukur elok-elok ya!"

We need to hold Adel as he was being so aggressive..

Bathing with beras kunyit, limau kasturi and sintok to reduce the itchy head.. 
Takde bath tub, besen pun jadi la.. 

Tada..! Adel has no more hair..

Adel was cranky and not very comfy wiz his itchy head.. 

Fall asleep after had a tiring day.. 

I'm the mommy's 'botak' boy!


  1. ala2 ciannya dia..

    but still chhoommmeelll kan

  2. hehe.. nak wat camner.. org tua2 ckp kena jugak cukur rambut.. biar tumbuh yg baru.. :)

  3. adel dh pn botak..aisy mg ni br nk dibotakkan..hish..camna la rupanya..

  4. lorr.. x cukur ag ke? xpe2 msti ensem punya nt.. :P

  5. dear
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!
    hoping 2010 is healthy and prosperous.

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to you too..
    Tq.. :)

  7. alahai siannye....danisha xde pun buat upacara cam gitu. nurse hukm yg botakkan paler dia

  8. yeke..? xpe nx baby ada chance kot nt.. hehe :P