May 11, 2010

Even Though We're Far Away, We're Never Apart

Shahar was out of country for the past two weeks. All week. That is rare for us. This is our first time being apart as longer as far away. I should follow him.

My life turned upside down when Shahar was away. I knew it wasn't going to be easy to do everything by myself, but I geared up for it. Besides, I figured if single parents everywhere do it day in and day out, I shouldn't complain about less than a month being alone. We sent Shahar off to Delft, Holland in a flurry of hugs and kisses and hunkered down of being a family of four. Me with three small children. Oh my goodness..

I've had come up with some ways to stay connected across the miles, no matter how far apart we are. We don't have the luxury of regular phone calls but we do Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and Skype anytime we got time to get in touch.

Usually, I'll using Skype video calls to communicate with my beloved husband. Skype is great, it's saves money and time. Skype lets you connect through instant messages and video chats for free online. I talk to Shahar while doing my house works or take my laptop around the apartment to show what's our children doing. It bring the distant loved ones right into our home. We will share stories with each other and of course I will told him what goes on in my day and children. Sampai kadang-kadang tertidur depan laptop. hehe..

Auni having a great conversation with her daddy..

Shahar monitoring his kids through Skype video calls.

I miss my sweet, brave, talented, funny, irritating, goofy, handsome, late all the time, helpful, perfectly imperfect best friend..

Being in a long-distance relationship can kind of suck. I am just curious what other people do to keep in touch to make the time apart a little easier. 

What other ways have you found work well in connecting with your love ones?


  1. sabar yea elziera.....things will be just fine..

  2. i'm just using Blackberry messenger as its free between us..

  3. CikaYu... tq..

    Shahar... miss u too..

    maria... i takde Blackberry.. so Skype pun kira ok la ye.. :P