April 28, 2010

Hard to say GOODBYE!

Children and I have never been apart from my beloved hubby for any long period of time and the reality is now setting in for us. Shahar has been selected for short-course regarding his job function in Holland.

Last Saturday, my children and I accompanied Shahar to the airport. He will be away for about three weeks. Nak ikut but I can't!

Here are some pics taken on that night before he's leaving.

Daddy is leaving.

Daddy with girls.

Mommy and Daddy.. Gonna miss you so much..
(This blurry picture taken by Sleepy Girl, Auni)

Adel starts getting sleepy too.

The most sentimental moment.

Acara pujuk memujuk sedang berlaku disini.

Goodbye kiss from daddy.

How my life will going through while Shahar is not around? Oh gosh! The world seems difficult to me. This three little children always trying to make me sometimes out of control. Mommy has turning green like 'The Incredible Hulk' and high volume screaming just like 'Tarzan'. And I was in super duper tired doing every single thing alone right now. 

Whatever it is I need to and I will survive until Shahar back home in three weeks time. Wish me luck.

p/s: To Mr. Shahar, don't forget to buy souvenir for me and kids yeah..