February 15, 2011

Welcoming a new baby into our family

My beloved sister, As just gave birth to her 4th beautiful baby boy a month ago. Alhamdulillah everything goes well and again my dad got another grandson this year. Almost every year my dad got a grandchild. Berselang-seli kakak - adik ni bersalin. Hahahaha..~

So, here's our new family member.. 

 Muhammad Addin Shah
Born on nice dated/time :: 01-01-2011 @ 1.09 pm
Weight :: 3.6 kg

Anyway, I am so excited and can hardly wait to meet a new bundle of joy. So, we paid a visit shortly after their discharge from hospital. Tak sabar sungguh makcik sorang nie.. hehe..

Lil' newborn hero wiz his truly cute "Mak Chik"
(Ermm.. I guess I'm not SO suitable to wear this kind of tudung. 
Rasa macam pelik dan bulat jer muka ni..)

Actually my sister did asked me to buy a birthday cake for her beloved hubby as his birthday was fallen on the next day, 03 January if I coming on that evening. So on the way to her house, we stopped by and bought one nice cake for him at Baker's Cottage area Shah Alam.

Birthday cake in advance.

 Birthday boy..??

P/S: Congratulations to my sister on your newborn cutest baby.. Astalavista bebeh! Bertambah meriah la rumah abah tahun ni.. :) 

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