August 28, 2009

Birth Story of Baby Adel

Tuesday, 18th August 2009

04.56 pm

Hospital Putrajaya


Sex: Boy

Weight : 3.3 kg

Height : 50 cm

Here goes the birth story of baby Adel......

8.30 a.m... I felt so 'malas' to go for work besides my head was still spinning. I had a bad headache since the night before. So I'm just thinking to take an emergency or medical leave.

I had noticed blood on my panties when I was peeing. OMG! This is one of the sign that I'm going to labor. Is it the day?? Actually, I not really ready for it yet even though this is my third baby. I just 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant.. another two weeks more to go. I told Shahar there's blood and we had to get ready to the hospital. I took a nice long shower and got all fixed up for the hospital. Sempat lagi basuh sarung bantal/tilam baby tu.. :)

I called up my sister and she asked me to go to the hospital immediately. She also did reminded me to eat something because I would need a lots of energy later on.

Around 12.30 pm we headed to the hospital, which is a 10 minutes drive-away from our home right after Auni went back from her school. One the way over to hospital, I was having some minor-minor contractions coming maybe every ten minutes. 

When we arrived at the hospital, I straight away to registration counter with Auni while Shahar looked for parking. FYI, the ward was full house on that day.. It's means that I've to wait at the labor room until the other patients check-out. The hospital staff took my blood pressure, weight and monitoring my contractions. The doc who checked me told me to go back first because I still not dilated yet and there's no contractions at all. My Hb dropped by at Teja Food Court to buy our lunch on the way home. At this time, the contractions started to begin and getting stronger but manageable. I was tired and figured the contractions would stop. I tried to have some rest but soon I realized that the contractions were probably not stopping and that I was likely going to have a baby soon. I decided to go back to the hospital.

At 3:45 p.m... when I arrived at the hospital, the contractions was getting slow. So the hospital staff left me alone on bed while waiting for the doctor came and checked on me again. All of a sudden I felt the baby move and drop. From that point on the contractions were coming every minutes and were VERY painful. Then in less than two minutes it hit me again, the feeling to push. At this point I really had no idea how many centimeter I was dilated. The hospital staff who heard my screaming came and do checked me. She looked so surprised... I was fully dilated and gonna to labor at anytime.

Then all of the sudden I heard people screaming and I was surrounded by hospital staff and someone yelling. They rushed me into the labor room where everyone there knew what happened and were waiting for me (like - TV ER)..swinging the door opens, yelling and rushing me into the room, help me changed into hospital clothes and put a drip on. It was a crazy experience and so 'kelam-kabut'. In the room I was telling my midwife I wanted to push. When she went to break my water bag, I was almost ready to push. I just take about 10 minutes to push. Thanks God!!

I really felt like I was in a dream. I just couldn't believe I had a boy. I was exhausted but elated. The labor was truly an awesome experience. Within a few minutes of Adel's birth, I had him on my chest. My midwife keep saying that I'm the lucky person because going so easy for laboring. 'Isteri solehah ke? ' ..hahaha :P

"I'm not in Mommy's womb anymore..!!"

Daddy adhan to his hero.

Auni meet her lil' brother..

Syukur Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly. I can hardly describe the joy I felt in welcoming our son into our family, or how thankful I am to midwives and hospital staff who were with me and shared this miracle.

Shhh.. baby is slepping..

"I'm going home now"

*** I really need a long rest after this for the next baby. Let's concentrate with this three kids first.. Quality vs Quantity .. :)

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