August 31, 2009

Day 2 : Trip to Kuching

Ermmm.. I've took so long to continue my story about our family trip to Kuching..sampai kita dah bersalin dah pun. Cerita dah basi..whatever. There's a lots of things had happened to me on the past few weeks. Busy with office work (big & serious project.. to my colleague :- you know what I mean right.. :P).. then I'm giving birth to my lil' hero. So now I've time to sit down and do online peaceful while my baby is sleeping.

Continued from Day 1: Trip to Kuching

Shahar had already listed out all the must-visit places in Kuching while we're here. So to make our trip goes easier, he did rented a car, Kancil for three days (enough for four of us..senang sket nak parking) which cost us RM100 per day. I think the price was worthy because the car was in very good condition.

After having our heavy breakfast at the hotel, we headed to our very first places on the day. We're going to meet the famous reptiles in Sarawak, CROCODILE. We arrived at Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo, which is located at the Kuching-Serian road around 11.15 am. 

The entrance fees were quite pricey. I just wish we're Sarawakian. Look how much the different?

The entrance.. 

We just missed the crocodile feeding show. The showtime was at 11 am and 3 pm. By the way, we just explored the entire of the farm and have fun snapping pictures.

The Pinky Gurl.. 

The young crocodiles..

Eeeiii.. banyaknya buaya..

All lying on top of each other.. 

Crocodile without a tail.. TAILLESS CROCODILE..

Besar jugak crocodile eggs ye..

The chronology of development in crocodile eggs..

Skull of Bujang Senang, 19ft 3inch..
Could you imagine how big this crocodile? Sekali dia ngap aku pun ngap..hehe..

Another crocodile skull on display, it is considered small compared to Bujang Senang's..

Besides the crocodiles, there are also other animals here. 

Green Iguana of South America.. nice pose..!! 

The oooOwl..

So cute..

MALAYAN SUNBEAR.. One of the smallest bear species in the world.

"I want some more..please..!!"


The shop where you can buy some crocs' product and Sarawak souvenirs..

"Uwaaa.. I'm so sleepy.. mama boleh suruh posing pulak.."

After spending an hour at the farm, we moved to our next destination, Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation to see orang utan. However by the time we arrived there, it is closed and would be open back around 2.30 pm. So we decided to go to visit Cat Museum then.

The main entrance was so interesting.. walking thru cat mouth..

The museum open daily from 9 am - 5 pm. The admission is free but they do charges for the camera that you bring along.

Charges for the camera..

Mommy need some rest tho'..

"Which one look bigger?" :P

"I love kitty.."

Auni, what are you looking at?

Loving couple..

Mia familia.. Auni has taken this picture.. Thank you sweetie.. 

Mommy posing tayang perut.. hahaha

Could spot a mouse in hundred of cats??


The souvenir shop..

We planned to go to Satok Market after that but had to postpone it to tomorrow because of heavy rain. 

Around 8 pm, the rain already stopped. So we decided to go out again hunted for our dinner. Actually we did lost before hand. Finally, we managed to find out the place and had our dinner at the My Village Barok Bistro which located at Kampung Boyan. This restaurant was so unique, based on traditional Bidayuh house, Barok and quite famous in Kuching. It's takes 20 mins by road from Kuching town or only 5 min by perahu tambang across Sungai Sarawak from Waterfront.

The place was crowded and most of the empty tables was already been reserved. The very nice staff was helping us to find the seat. We ordered the first package (for 2 person) because our kids didn't eat too much. We had 'nasi putih' with 'Ikan 3 rasa', 'Udang Cili', 'Tomyam' and 'Sayur Baby Kailan' plus fruit juices. Picture of foods was unable to snap because the light at the restaurant was too romantic.. macam candle light dinner pulak.

Perut dah kenyang kan.. apa lagi cari bantal tilam la lepas tu. 

Day 3, to be continued..

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