September 10, 2009

Day 4 : Trip to Kuching

Continuation from Day 3: Trip to Kuching

It was our last day in Kuching. We didn't do anything much just went out for the last final round snapping pictures and have a little more shopping.

Having our last breakfast at the hotel..

"Do you want some?"

Done breakfast.. Jom pergi jalan-jalan pusing Kuching..

Sarawak Craft Council..

The most visited place for souvenir shopping..


Pua Kumbu of Sarawak..

Local kraftangan..

So many cats..


"Can I have this, mommy?"

Gambir Sarawak..

Kek Lapis Sarawak & Tebaloi was sold everywhere..

Walking along the streets..

Mommy and kids..

"Pleaseeee.. Alya takut jatuh la.."


Mommy with 7 months pregnant belly..

Across Sungai Sarawak by boat..


Trip to Kuching will not completed if no photos with cat statues..

She is not in mood already.. :(

It was almost 12.30 noon and we have to go back to the hotel because I haven't packed our luggage yet. Our pick-up airport transfer would be at the hotel at 2 pm. So we just left less than two hours to get everything ready and checked out from the hotel.

Last pose at the hotel..

Our airport transfer, CPH Travel.. Tq vv much..

At Kuching International Airport..

Our boarding pass..

While waiting for the flight, we stopped by at the Starbucks have some treats and surfing internet.

Khusyuk betul mamat ni checking on his email..

Caramel Frappuccino (Coffee)..

It's mine.. Chocolate Chips Frappuccino..

Yummy cake.. Black Forest..

Opss.. wrong departures entrance lol.. It's within Sarawak..

Queue before boarding..

Yay, it's time to go home..

Bye-bye Kuching.. I'll come back someday..

Ready for take-off..?

I'm so starving and can't wait for cabin crews served us because we still don't have our lunch yet.

We're being served this on board..


Nasi Goreng..


A cute gift from MAS..

Dah sampai KLIA..

Pick-up your luggage please..

Let's go home..

That's our memorable Kuching trip. Overall the trip was fun, enjoyable and everything going well eventho' I was carrying my 7 months baby inside my belly on that time. I've so grateful for this opportunity.. going holiday with my family.

"Jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan..bertambahlah pengetahuan" which is SO true. :)

*** Cuti-cuti Malaysia.. Next trip, pleasssssseee.. 

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