September 14, 2009

Akok's Lover

Alya had finished straight all four pieces of 'kuih Akok' that day. She loves it so much. FYI, I NEVER eat this kuih for entire of my life but looking on her face eating make me wanna to try on it. Not so bad huh..

Just look at her expressions..


"How they make this delicious food? It's so yummy.."

"Huhu.. sedapnya..!!"

"Apa tengok-tengok? Nak jugak ke?"

"How many I've eat? ..1..2..3.. it's 4!!"

Last shot.. Blurpp..



  1. bravo...bravo...nanti suh mummy buat tuk alya k..

  2. huhu.. mummy alya tak bijak pandai ar.. tp klu buat kat kedai terer skali.. :P