October 01, 2009

Prolong Jaundice

Jaundice is very common and occurs 50% of babies in the first week of life. It will probably disappear naturally in a few days.

My baby is five weeks old and his sclerae (white of the eyes) still yellowish. He is very active and feeding so well. Between his siblings, he is the only one who still yellow for more than 14 days. FYI, my baby was admitted twice at NICU since he born for 'photo-therapy'.

Adel was naked under the bluish-colored light..

The day before we went back to kampung for raya, I did bringing my baby to Pediatric Clinic for check-up. The doctor said my baby was fine and I should not too worries about it. It is not a disease but rather a sign that can occur in many different diseases. Some breastfeeding baby just take longer time to recover. At this moment, I'm still not taking any herb or jamu yet.

At 5 weeks old..

Btw, they do take his urine and blood for the test. The next appointment would be on December. So let's wait for the results.

I wonder how prolong this jaundice will be.....??


  1. ur baby so cute....sabar ye elziera. insya'allah everything goes fine. adel is a good boy, insya'allah he will recover soon. speedy recovery adel!

  2. TQ. Adel cute mcm mama dia kan? =)
    Hope so he wud recover soon..