July 06, 2013

Humor of Minions in 'Despicable Me 2'

The unpredictably hilarious Minions.. funny. It's all good fun.

Despicable Me 2 is the year's funniest movie. I'm laughing from the opening sequences to the funny minions outtakes at the end. Hahahaha.. I'm still laughing. I don't know which made me laugh more.. wait.. I think it's all about those little yellow minions, with their odd little language and bumbling antics. Cute!

Despicable Me 2 is exactly what cartoon should be. A lot of fun, with jokes that both kids and grown-ups can enjoy even though the plot slightly simple. This movie has been released on last July 4, 2013.

I have just came back from watched this movie at GSC Alamanda with kids. Normally, I will bought popcorn, Twisties and drinks for them. But I've wrongly set the time and here we are late for the show about 10 minutes. The consequences, there are no snacks or drinks for kids then. Adel got to start cranky inside the cinema when the guy sat next to me was enjoyed munching his popcorn. Adel started to cry and said to me "I want to eat my popcorn while watching the movie." Adoiyai.. Lucky me, I managed to coax him down and he did behave well after that. Good boy! 

Later, after the movie finished.. I back to cinema just to buy the popcorn combo for him. Guess what? He asked me to go back inside to watch the movie again. Alamak! Jenuh pujuk lagi...   

Adel got his little minion toys from HappyMeal box

I'm wearing H&M tops, Nichii skinny jeans, VS Essential Scarf by Shawlbyvsnow pair with Mango flap messenger bag
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Ramadan is just around the corner. Hope everyone doing well and getting ready for it to start. I'm so excited! May Allah grant you peace, excellent health and shower His choicest blessings and Rahmah on you and your families in this coming blessed month. Ameen.

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