August 18, 2013

My K-Pop Baby turns 4!

Four years ago, I gave birth to my third little angle. It truly feel like just yesterday. Woohooo today (18 August) my little baby is 4! 

Here are my little munchkin pictures on his B-day. It was a bit of challenge to take good picture of him. 

I'm the Birthday Boy.. Peace yo'
With his big sisters, Alya and Auni.. 

We had a mini celebration at home just now. Bought a cake for him from AEON on the way back after had our dinner. Sorry Adel, no big party for you.. Kita celebrate kita-kita jer la ye.. 
Actually we're thinking to buy another cake which is more bigger but he end-up by choosing this cake.. and this cake is more cheaper.. hahaha.. Good boy! :)
Your smile lights up my universe and your laughter makes my heart sing!  You are such a special little boy!  Happy Birthday my love!
Smiling but his eyes.. huhu.. dok kerling watching LOTR on the TV..
and Alya try to give her best smile.. 

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