November 03, 2015

Long-haul Jet Plane with Kids

Travelling solo or with a partner or even a group of friends is easy compared to travelling with kids. It can be great fun adventures but can also seems be difficult and stressful. In last end of May, I had a solo flight for the first time with my girls and little boy to Sweden.

Why we flew off to Sweden? Actually, Shahar had received an offer to further his study in Uppsala Universitet and he has gone over there a year ago. Now, we're followed him. It was a great opportunity for us in order to add valuable life experience by stepping out of our comfort zone, exploring different cultures, learning new language, Swedish and expanding circle of friends.

Although my kids was quite big enough to do thing by themselves, prepared everything needed earlier would makes travel experiences easier. So before hand, I did some research on tips preparing for the flight and what should be in kids carry-on bags

Our last family photo for this year. 
There's few persons missing in those pictures. Nevermind, hope we will have another great family photo when we back. 

We got very special assistance on that day, this MH steward escorted us from home all the way to cabin. Siap tolong angkut luggage dari rumah ke airport dan repacked luggage sebab luggage terlebih muatan berat. 
Checked baggage cannot exceed 32 kg in weight, okay!
Thank you, Mr. Daniel @ Uncle Danny

Goodbye Malaysia! 
Please be nice while we're away. We will be back soon. 

 From KLIA, it tooks about 13 hours flight to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, mid way till our final destination, Stockholm.

View in MH16 Business Class cabin
*this picture taken from Google*

The most important thing when travelling with kids, make sure you secure the seats in advance, ask to be seated together and choose one aisle seat, so you don't disturb others. If travelling with a baby, make sure the bassinet is reserved. Check your seat assignments again before the trip and then again at the check-in counter. 

We had very miserable seating allocation at first although I already asked to be seated together once the flight booking was confirmed. Each of us has been allocated seated separately. Pfffttt! Of course my kids refused to sit next to a stranger for 13 hours. Thanks to the crews on that flight for doing job so well with full of courtesy in asking other passengers to switch their seating with us. Pheww! At the end, we got two rows of a pair of window and aisle seats. Adel seated with me, while Auni and Alya together at my back. It was closed to toilet too. The business class cabin consists of a total five rows and in a 2-3-2 configuration.

Pre-departure apple juice and mixed nuts were offered before we had an appetizer, satay with peanut sauce. 

They served us salads before our main course, Grilled Chicken served with potato, carrots and beans. I need to help my boy with his food, so I didn't managed to snap the main course picture.

He was very well-behaved along the journey.

After dinner, we put the seat into sleeping position. The seat controls were pretty intuitive even kids can do it by themselves. My kids slept fine for 6-7 hours, but I just can't seem have a good one even though my body was too tired. Huh! 

Seat controls

Since I'm not sleeping, I keep entertained myself watched movies. At that point, the steward came over and offered something to drink and I requested for hot tea. He also offered some chocolates and cookies. After a while, he came back and told me if I need anything just let him know. Wah! *patut minta Maggi Curry sebab makan tak puas makan masa dinner tadi*

Our early morning breakfast before landed.

Breakfast like a Malaysian on board.., nasi lemak with spicy prawn sambal. *thumbs up*
Lepas ni, nak makan nasi lemak kena masak sendiri.

As we descended, the in-flight supervisor came through the cabin to thank each passenger for flying with Malaysia Airlines, and wished us a nice time in Amsterdam. 

Oh well! We had very pleasant flight with Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam with this boy. =)

On board KLM flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm Årlanda Airport. It took about two hours and right after the flight take-off, all my kids fell asleep until we reached Sweden. 
Nampak sangat penat travel ye anak-anak. 

And finally....
Hej! Välkommen till Sverige!


I would be lying if I said a flight alone with three young kids isn't tricky. The logistics of getting the bag packed and on the plane, getting all four of us through check in, security, loaded off the plane, transit, taking them to toilet, loaded off to another plane, getting bags, etc..... The truth, I am nervous and scared to travel with this young kids without Shahar at the beginning. But Alhamdulillah, we're survived and everything went smoothly. 

I am 'Super Mommy'! 

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