November 13, 2013

Alya's Birthday Party..

Our little girl, Alya turns 6 this year. Woohooo.. 

As a middle child, I have plenty of mom-guilt about Alya getting the short end of the stick. So I really wanted to make her birthday celebration for this year a bit special than previous one. I decided to do a small and simple party for her, with only family and close friends.

So last month, we throw a birthday party for Alya together with 'kenduri doa selamat' for Mr.Hubby bacause he entitled for HLP to further his study by next year. Alhamdulillah..

At first, I'm thinking of ordering Minions 3D cake but after do several survey with the price, I decided to go just with cake from Secret Recipes. Budak-budak nie bukan kaki makan kek sangat. So I feel that it might a waste then if I bought an expensive cake. 

Simple menu for Alya's B'day.. I made chicken 'bihun sup' for main menu and Melayu style pasta. 

 Added this mini minions cookies into goodie bags for kids..

I just make a simple deco for the table. Most of the accessories I bought from Daiso, Ikea and Kaison, Thanks God I found that birthday banner at Kaison and it cost me just RM2, I also bought some items for goodies bag there, Kebetulan time tu diaorang ada jual barang tema minions.

If you want to find accessories for birthday party such as balloons, paper bags, party hats, paper plates/cups and etc with cheaper price, you can try find it at Kaison, Paradigm Mall. 

We started the party with some 'doa' by daddy. Panjang jugak doa dia since he do prepare before it. He performed well coz that 'doa' he copied from the internet. hehe.. Clever boy! 

A big thanks to my sister coz sponsored 'sambal cili hitam' for 'bihun sup' and for kuih, apa namanya ntah.. :p

No candles.. so mari kita potong kek jer.. Sabar ye anak-anak..Kek tu tak lari pun.. 

The party was not goes as planned. Tengah-tengah masak gas boleh plak habis..Oh no! Luckily, Mr. Hubby managed to find the replacement for the gas. In the afternoon, we drove all the way to Kepong to pick up minions cookies and  then returned back to Cyberjaya to pick up the cake. We planned to start the party at 5pm but it was heavy rain at that time and all the guests arrived little bit late. Anyway, I am so happy the party still on eventho it is quite 'kelam kabut' at first. Thank you to all guests who came.. 

Btw, I ordered this little minions cookies from ShilaShower. The price is depends on the design and how complicated the design will be. Siap packing sekali tu, it makes my tasks goes more easier coz I'm running out of time on that day. 

After the party ended, Auni already requested for her party on next April. She already has theme for her party. Adoii,, we will see if our budget is okay to go for it. 

Okay then, I should go off to bed now coz tomorrow morning I have to do a presentation. Arghhh.. Be a full time student, mommy to three little growing kids and housewife is quite tiring but I know, I believe to myself that I can do it.. I am Supermama!!! Hahahaha.. 

Goodnight lovelies... xoxo.. 

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