January 14, 2014

Car Boot Sales Kota Damansara

Where else should I keep all those things? Stor dah penuh (almaklum la rumah apartment stornya kecil je.. kalau ada garage macam rumah omputih memang aku simpan khazanah semua nie sampai ke tua kot.. hehe..). Nak buang sayang, nak simpan takde tempat.

My bestie has gave me an idea to do the garage sale but I think it's gonna hard for me to arrange it. I need to find place where I can let go all this items. Just in time, my SIL gave me her good feedback after joined car boot sales and invited me to join her. I was like..ermm why not give a shoot huh?  

Car boot sales are a mainly British form of market in which private individuals come together to sell household and garden goods. Items sold can include antiques and collectables, anything in fact that the person wishes to sell. Car boot sales are very popular in some part of UK, Europe and Australia. 

For the last three months, I have joined this community, Car Boot Sales Kota DamansaraSelling second-hand clothes, shoes, bags, novels, electrical appliances, toys, accessories, which is no longer in used. Doing this car boot sale is a great way to clear out my cupboard, decluttered my home and raise a bit of extra cash. This is just for fun and my main target is to get rid of my old/unused stuffs in one hit. Wallaweh, tak sia-sia joined tau. Cash from my trash.. Enough for my pocket money to pay the toll and car petrol for a week. 

First time joined this CBS was around October 2013.

Sunday, third week of November 2013

My SIL with her family on hubby-side. Baby Abby pun diusung bawa sekali..

Sunday, first week of January 2014
Picture credit: CBSKotaDamansara Facebook Page

Taking place at Sunsuria The Core, Car Boot Sales Kota Damansara is held every Sunday from 8am until noon. No booking is needed. Just arrive at the site on the day and park at any available parking there. The organizer will come and collect RM20 for each parking later. Strictly for sold second-hand items only! No food and new items is allowed! Please follow those simple instructions if you would like to join in. 

Map to Car Boot Sales Kota Damansara

For more info, click on this Facebook page, Car Boot Sales Kota Damansara. Feel free to give LIKE to this Facebook page too. 

There is still some items I need to let go, so then I will make myself available for the next Sunday to this event. Come and join me, either as a buyer or even a seller. 

One man's trash is another man's treasure.. =)


  1. Yes, tapak kena bayar. Last time I gi sana (6mths ago), RM20 per tapak. :)