January 21, 2014

Unplanned Trip to Fraser's Hill

Fuh! Semester break is finally here. I've been quite busy for the past semester with projects as well as a few exams thrown into the mix. Thankfully they are completed but now I can sit back relax for awhile waiting to hear back on how they all went. 

So, semester break. It's supposed to be a nice break away from the stress of school thingy, right? Sadly, this semester break not totally a break for me because I need to attend a course, starts on this coming 23th January for two weeks. I really hope that it won't give me lots of headache and will be a stress-free. Really hope.. really hope I will enjoy attending the courses, pass the exam with flying colors and receive the certificate. 

Since I'm in the middle of 'no money to spend for vacation' condition, so I'm not planning any Cuti-cuti Malaysia within this short semester break. Few plan need to be postpone for time being. Frustrated!  

If I'm not mistaken, our last Cuti-cuti Malaysia was a few months ago. We suddenly came out with an idea to go to Fraser's Hill. Btw, this post should be posted few months ago but I keep pending to write up about it. Well, you know me.. always tenggelam timbul in this blogging sphere. :)

Wearing Shawlbyvsnow headscarf, a top from Zara, blazer from Forever 21, pants from Nichii. 

I have been to Fraser's Hill twice. First time went here was just for a day trip. This time with non-proper plan, I already packed our clothes for one night stay. We haven't booked any hotel as usual. Suka sangat main redah je.. We reached Fraser's Hill around 7 pm and straightly looked for the hotel. Thanks God, there is still left one room for us at Shahzan Inn. The price for one night is RM189.00 (weekend). Located a 5 minutes from the center square. 

Waiting for almost an hour for our dinner to be served at one of the restaurant which the only one opened up at that time. The service was not make me happy as it's still remain same as our last dinner here. 

My three little munchkins with totally a different characters. 

Fraser's Hill is a hill resort located on the Titiwangsa Ridge in the state of Pahang in Malaysia. It is about 103km from Kuala Lumpur. Cool and invigorating throughout the year, Fraser's Hill remains popular for company retreats and weekend breaks. Kalau nak feeling-feeling rasa macam duduk kat overseas, mai la sini. hehe..

Next morning, after had our breakfast we went to Allan's Water. We're the first group to arrive on that day.

This two young couple can't joined us because of their height and safety purpose.
Those legs not even reach the paddle. Next time ya babe! 

The operating hours of Allan' Water for 2 seater paddle boat. 

Did you ever imagine of walking on water? It is another fun activity which full with laughter and joyful available at Allan's Water. The rate was RM10.00 for 10 minutes. Maybe next time I will give em' a try. Macam best jer? 

Pumped the air into the zipped ball. 

 Okay boy, now you can start rolling to the water. 

Managed to record this guy rolled the Waterball in the water. It will be much fun if you could have a good balancing in there. It is art balancing. Macam-macam gaya ada.. hehe.. 

Orang dah makin ramai, so it's time to make a move to another place. 

Nice view from the top, ya? 

Excuse me.. Which way to The Paddock, sir?

Masing-masing muka tak rela kena paksa amik gambar.

Here goes the horse riding fees.

Okay, now it is our turn to ride the horse. Nampak sangat kuda nie tak rela, sleepy.. 

Another activity at The Paddock is to be an archery man.

Rental fees for 10 arrows = RM8.00

Supervised by an expert. 

Ada gaya Robin Hood tak? 

If I'm not mistaken, within those 10 arrows, only 2 arrows slightly hit the target. 
hahaha.. balik nanti pergi practice lagi ye cik abang.. ;p

I'm wearing Shawlbyvsnow headscarf, a long sleeve shirt paired with boyfriend jeans, both from H&M, and ballerina shoes from Charles & Keith.

Before we went back to hotel and packed our stuffs, we strolled around the town and took some pictures. 

Take it easy my dear. The letter 'E' won't fallen down.

Anak siapa la nie kena tinggal.. kesiannnn.. 

The must-have photo at clock tower, Fraser's Hill. 

Having fun time with my girl.

Overall Fraser's Hill is worth a day trip or an overnight stay and one of perfect place especially for KL folks who wish to get away from the hustle city life. 

Goodbye Fraser's Hill.. Can you spot me and my girl at this signage? 

Long weekend is coming over end of this month. What's your plan?


  1. Nice to read yr posting!! Fraser's Hill is my little paradise too that I visit few times in a yr. I used to bring my mom and wife. And I am still going there with my wife nowadays. I won't get bored with the place even I go there every weekend!

  2. Tq vv much for reading my post and glad to hear that u had enjoyed your trip with your family to Fraser's Hill too. I hope I would have chance to go there again after returning back to Malaysia. Have a nice day ahead!